Fair Assessment Policy


Brightside Training and Consultancy Fair Assessment policy is to:

  • ensure access and equality of opportunity whilst preserving the integrity of the qualification
  • ensure there are no obstacles to demonstrating achievement
  • provide on-going support to candidates, including those with particular requirements
  • take account of all current legislation with regards to equality of opportunity

Good Practice and Fair Assessment

In order create and maintain good practice and fair assessment Brightside Training and Consultancy will ensure that:


  • Receive an induction into Brightside Training and Consultancy principles of assessment and quality assurance procedures
  • Create assessment activities with regard to the equality and diversity of learners, making sure that evidence can be produced in varied ways
  • Guarantee the use of plain language with regards to the unit
  • Make certain that the assessment plan allows for the producing of evidence to allow learners to fulfill the assessment criteria.
  • Keep records of all assessment activities
  • Advise learners in accordance learning outcomes
  • Devise and implement their strategy of assessment so as to neither discriminate against any group of learners nor unnecessarily overstrain learners
  • Attend regular standardisation meetings to share best practice


There is periodical review of the assessment undertakings as an integral part of the course review.  Please see the NVQ Code of Practice for further information on assessment practice and the roles of staff involved in the process.

Brightside Training and Consultancy will:

Verify an appropriately structured sample of assessor work from all programmes, sites and teams, to ensure centre programmes conform to national standards and external verification requirements.

  • Plan an annual quality assurance schedule, linked to assignment plans
  • Define, maintain and support effective internal verification roles
  • Ensure that identified staff will maintain secure records of all internal verification activity
  • Brief and train staff on the requirements for current IQA procedures
  • Promote internal quality assurance as a developmental process between staff
  • Provide coherent [or standardized] IQA documentation
  • Use the outcome of internal quality assurance processes to enhance future assessment practice

Learners will

  • Receive an induction into Brightside Training and Consultancy Assessment and Portfolio Building and understand criterion referenced assessment
  • Are aware of the centres assessment appeals policy
  • Receive a plan of assessment
  • Are aware of any time restrictions that might affect the achievement of the qualification
  • Receive informative feedback from all assessment activities within a realistic timescale relative to the achievement/non-achievement of the assessment criteria
  • Receive regular feedback to accompany their individual unit progression on the path towards overall qualification

Awarding Body Personnel will:

As requested, Brightside Training and Consultancy quality reviewers receive access to all assessment documentation and evidence that supports the award of credit/qualifications

External Quality Assurance will

External Quality Assurance is carried out by appointed External Quality Assurers (EQAs). The EQA will scrutinise the evidence for all units offered by the Centre.

They will:

  • Sample assessment and learner evidence of achievement
  • Ensure that rigorous processes are in place for the assessment, tracking and recording of individual learner achievements in accordance with Brightside Training and Consultancy requirements
  • Sign off Recommendations for the Award of Credit (RAC)
  • Complete an EQA Report for Brightside Training and Consultancy


Dated: 07/02/19